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Fit to Travel - Charity Partner 

Fit to Travel are proud to support and advocate Fair Game Australia's Recycle & Donate program. Together, we want to give your unused or pre-loved sports equipment a new life in the hands of those less fortunate.

Through the provision of recycled sporting equipment, fitness and education, Fair Game aim to reduce the risk of lifestyle related disease, build social cohesion and improve mental well-being. 

We ask our valued clients to donate any unwanted or unused sporting equipment to Fair Game, which will be delivered to underserviced Australian communities including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, CALD communities and chronic disease sufferers.

High demand items are football boots, balls, bibs, cones, team kits and generally smaller easier to store equipment. To find out more on how to donate equipment and locate permanent donation bins, please click here

Fit to Travel also ask that the time of final payment on any itinerary, our client considers making a tax deductible donation of $5 per person to Fair Game Australia. This will provide much needed support for an excellent cause. Let us know and Fit to Travel will match your $5 per person donation. 

To make a financial donation, please click here   

Thanks for your support of this great initiative. 

Fair Game Charity
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